The employees are a companys most important asset. When someone suffers a crisis it is important as a human resource manager to have a professional partner by your side for rehabilitation efforts. The companies that turn to us have recognized that psychological factors affect employees' health and they wish to meet the individuals need for support when something stressful occurs in life.

We have a long and proven experience that by different types of rehabilitation efforts create favorable conditions in a crisis. We cooperate with physicians, employers and insurance companies. When you contact us, we suggest appropriate rehabilitation plan and agree upon costs.

Most crises are possible to process and get trough

It may vary in time scope for different people. Our work focuses on the opportunities in the crisis and we are there as pilots in the process. As a prevention we use cognitive methods to increase the understanding of the interaction of body - mind. The treatment helps to reduce fear and regain control in life. Our goal is to help individuals take greater responsibility for their own mental health.