What is psychotherapy?

Literally it means ”soul therapy”. By the greek word psyché = soul and therapia = therapy. Psychology rarely uses the word soul but prefers the word psyche. Psychotherapy is based on recognized theory and best practices. It is systematic, goal-oriented and conducted by licensed psychotherapists and counsellors.

Why psychotherapy?

The goal of psychotherapy is to help those who suffer from mental illnes, mental health problems and crises. It can be about emotions and behaviours, about self-perception and thought patterns.Psychotherapy provides deeper self-understanding, highlights opportunities and points to obstacles and limitations. It increases your responsiveness to your internal environment and helps you meet yourself instead of escaping yourself.We help you interpret the signals your body sends out to get in touch with you.

The aim of psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is a systematic and goal-oriented treatment based on recognized psychological theories and proven methods. It is conducted by licensed psychotherapists and counsellors. The general aim of psychotherapy is to help those who suffer from some form of mental illness, mental health problems or mental crises.The aim of the treatment is for example to:

  • investigate old ways of relating that limits your life
  • change destructive or hindering behaviours
  • get to know yourself better
  • learn new skills to handle problems
  • get in touch with your emotions and accept them
  • at a greater extent live life by your values
  • accept limitations and deficiences that are part of life
  • to feel like a normal human being in community with others
  • understand how certain behaviours in the short term decreases anxiety but in the long term increases it

Some who seek help can point to a particular symptom or problem, for example sleeping and relational problems. Others have a more general worry or anxiety or feel low without being able to find an explanation.