Welcome to the psychology/psychotherapy clinic at Sophiahemmet

The team consists of a group of licensed psychotherapists/psychologists and an associated psychiatrist. Our clients come to us as private persons seeking treatment, or by referral from insurance companies or companies´ health services.

Treatment with psychotherapy provides evidence of good outcomes when it comes to depression, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem and sleep and concentration problems. It is also effective in various crises and fatigue syndrom, in intractable conflicts and processing of trauma. Psychotherapy provides increased self-awarness which is a great asset to both the private and professional life.

Support and treatment

That at some point go through a crisis is a part of life. It can be about stressors in personal or work life where demands from others and ourselves create stress and anxiety. At the clinic both adults and youths receive treatment trough psychotherapy and counselling. We also offer partner therapy and parent coaching.

The treatment is aimed at getting to know yourself, accept and understand your emotions better. We analyze destructive behaviours and negative thought patterns and find more adaptive ways. Experienced psychologists and psychotherapist collaborate in the clinic. We work with psychodynamic therapy, cognitive behaviour therapy, affect focused relational therapy and counselling. After professional assessment, the psychotherapist model the treatment in the way that is most suitable for the client.